Washington coach Callan DeBoer on Tuesday described the quarterback battle as one won by Michael Penix Jr., not lost by two odd men in Dylan Morris and Sam Huard. In fact, DeBoer stressed that Huskies fans should discard any preconceived notions they may have about Morris and Huard, as they are now completely different quarterbacks, vastly improved.

Hold that thought, because the reality is that one of these two could still get called up this season given Penix’s injury history.

Still, Penix’s crown, told to whinging QBs on Monday and the media on Tuesday, should add to the excitement for the Huskies’ season opener in 10 days against Kent State. The outcome was expected since the day Penix announced via Instagram on December 14 that he was transferring to Washington after four seasons at Indiana. But his official ascension to the starting job gives their fans something to dream about after last year’s 4-8 overall loss.

There’s always anticipation for a new season, of course, and that’s multiplied when a new coaching staff is on board. DeBoer has been effective in helping the Huskies get out of the mess left over from the late-season firing of Jimmy Lake.

Yet DeBoer will be marked, like all coaches, by results on the field. Now in Penix, the Huskies have a quarterback who has shown he can play at a high level against the most elite competition when he’s healthy.

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