Dead-eye 3-point specialist Neema Namdar is gearing up to compete in the Albanian Super League and is expected to be a threat. His professional basketball resume speaks for itself. He played Division 1 & 2 college balls before playing 2 professional seasons in Brazil.

The U.S.-born son of Iranian immigrants is on his way to acquiring dual citizenship. At the precipice of his game, Neema is making big moves to play for the Iran National Team. The team recently announced a new head coach from Slovenia, Memi Bečirovič, and simultaneously is looking for fresh talent to lead the team to a championship in Asia. The team’s potential was on full display during their performance in the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup Qualifiers. We expect to see Neema on the court, showing up for the sport, and playing with impeccable honor in the Iranian Basketball Super League (IBSL).

With a drive and accuracy you don’t come across frequently, it is no wonder Namdar is known for his shooting skills, strength with the ball, and passionate defense. This 6’2” Combo Guard is the unconventional pick of the year. He has made an impression as a transmutable, high-IQ player with positive energy and enthusiasm on and off the court.

More to highlight! He recently won a Pro-Am championship in his home state of Utah. The competitive league, known as The Powder League, is well known for current and former NBA Player participants such as Kyle Kuzma, Scottie Barnes, Royce O’Neal, Kentavious Caldwell Pope, and Rayjon Tucker. Neema has shown he has the skills to elevate and motivate his teammates to compete at any level.

Uniquely, the Young baller began his journey in Pro ball during the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is a challenging position to have your career stifled by something entirely out of your hands, but Neema, through the confusion and unprecedented circumstances, kept his head in the game. “When I’m not on the job, I’m in the gym”, Neema said on IBTV while expanding on his rigorous off-season training regimen.

It’s a new day for Neema Namdar as his professional career is just getting started. He will soon be met again with the top competitors overseas and must prove to international teams that he is capable of playing in the big tourneys. Like all Great athletes, it will be a long road, but Neema Namdar has never been afraid to challenge himself. He knows that with hard work, passion, and talent he can do what others before him have done. Be ready to see this exciting basketball star.

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