Kanthi D Suresh

Power Sportz: Doping Nexus in India…REVEALED!!!

How drugs are being used in the sports in the nation and how the drugs are affecting our kids and sports person, and all that gives rise to the biggest question who is behind all this? To know all the answer related to the doping nexus in India, do watch Talking Turkey with Kanthi D Suresh LIVE on Friday, sharp at 8:00 PM on channel Power Sportz.

In a shocking revealment, Power Sportz has broken this news on its social media network site that tomorrow it is going to be a big day for the channel as the news itself is big for the nation. We all want to know the names behind the doping nexus in the country. No matter how many measure country takes to combat the problem, it still exists.

NADA launched a program on Athletes Biological Passport to crack down on Dope cheats, still, the question remains……Is NADA equipped enough to do a good job? Is NADA taking genuine effort to make India a clean sports country….And the biggest of all is who is leading the nexus…??

DO NOT MISS TO KNOW THE REALITY. JUST FOR YOU – If, if at all you miss the program @8.00pm, then the same is available on VOD at 10.00 pm onwards!!