Pittsburgh Steelers players represent the national anthem, hold banner before the game versus New York Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers players represented the national anthem in front of their game against the New York Giants on Monday night and had a message for the fans watching at home.

Pittsburgh players held a banner, which read “Steelers Against Racism.” The banner additionally listed every one of the players’ hometowns.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said in June he would uphold players in the event that they decided to kneel.

“Our position is simple,” Tomlin said at the time. “We are going to support our players and their willingness to partake in this, whether it is statements or actions. You guys know my feelings, I have stated them in the past. Statements are good, but impact is better. Particularly long-term impact.”

On the opposite side, some New York Giants players kneeled during the anthem.

Teams have adopted various strategies in their shows during the first week of the season. Players have remained in the locker room for the national anthem and the playing of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” Other teams have remained out for the two songs.

One of the more special demonstrations occurred during Sunday’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks. Players took a knee during the initial commencement.

The NFL communicated its help for the players’ decision.

“During the Kickoff in Atlanta, players on both teams exercised their right to bring attention to social injustices that have persisted in the Black community for many years. We stand by the players in the quest for equality,” the NFL tweeted on its official account.