The Undertaker Discusses CM Punk Leaving WWE and Fighting in UFC

CM Punk’s two-battle attack into UFC was not effective, and his choice to make the change to MMA was create for turmoil for some, including WWE legend The Undertaker.

During an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience (h/t Michael Gwilliam of, The Phenom gave his considerations on Punk taking a stab at the most significant level of MMA.

Taker stated: “God, that was an insane bet for him to battle. I’m not genuine close with him, I mean we got along. I didn’t get it. He had an issue [with WWE] and some of the time individuals need another test.”

Punk left WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble due to a contradiction over how he was being used and the way that he was managing wounds.

Instead of staying in the expert wrestling domain, Punk acknowledged a proposal to join UFC. While Punk had no MMA experience beside some light preparing, he was a major UFC fan and seized the chance.

Punk eventually battled twice, losing by first-round accommodation to Mickey Gall at UFC 203 out of 2016 and losing to Mike Jackson by consistent choice at UFC 225 of every 2018.

Taker communicated his conviction that Punk taking the jump toward MMA in his late 30s and without that legitimate range of abilities is likely what destined him: “I don’t know enough, since I wasn’t around enough around then, however I don’t realize that he had enough foundation. It was late for him to make that progress [to MMA]. It was simpler for Brock [Lesnar]. Brock had that solid wrestling family.”

The Undertaker noticed that Lesnar had the option to progress to MMA flawlessly and become UFC Heavyweight champion, however that is generally on the grounds that Brock was a title grappler at the University of Minnesota.

Punk didn’t have that experience to swear by, which is likely why he glanced so overmatched in his two UFC battles.

While numerous grapplers are UFC fans, including Taker, not many of them have had accomplishment in the realm of MMA. Lesnar stands apart most, while Bobby Lashley and Jake Hager have both found real success in Bellator.

Genius grapplers put their bodies at risk each time they get in the ring, and what they do isn’t simple, yet MMA is a completely unique creature, and Punk discovered that the most difficult way possible.

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