Online networking detonated with shock after a female hockey player at the NHL All-Star skills competition on Friday was not granted prize cash for an occasion she apparently won since they state no one authoritatively recorded her time.

Brianna Decker, a player for the U.S. national ladies’ hockey group, beat out even the male NHL competitors at the head passing occasion amid Friday’s competition, getting an informal, record-breaking time of 1 minute, 6 seconds, as per ESPN.

Her time wasn’t communicate at the occasion, nonetheless, and Leon Draisaitl, a player for the Edmonton Oilers, was credited with winning the occasion and getting the $25,000 prize. His time was 1 minute, 9 seconds, ESPN detailed.

“She beat me. Wow. That is impressive. That’s really impressive. Good for her,” Draisaitl said in the wake of learning of Decker’s time following the occasion, as per ESPN.

While the NHL has not publicly remarked on Decker’s time, the Canadian hockey items maker CCM ventured in, commending Decker’s time and saying they would pay her $25,000.

“We understand the importance of recognizing female hockey players and are pleased to give you the 25,000$ that you deserve,” the company said in a statement.

The NHL additionally reported after the occasion that they would give $25,000 each for every one of the four of the female hockey players that went to Friday night’s All-Star occasion to a charity or hockey program of their choice.

Decker thanked fans on Twitter for the “generous donations” that poured in after the web based life battle, and even praised the NHL for all that it “has done for women’s hockey and the sport as a whole this weekend.”

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