NBA Ambassador Denisa Debocci Shares How COVID19 Impacted the 19-20 NBA Season

Prior to the cancellation of the 2019-2020 season, the 2020 Chicago AllStar Weekend was a success. Denisa Debocci (Denisa Axhami) signed as an NBA Ambassador one week before the long awaited annual AllStar Weekend took off. COVID19 not only impacted the season, but left employees and ambassadors stuck. 

“I was at a promotional event preparing for the Chicago Bulls game in March,” Denisa explains. “I saw the news announce that the NBA season was suspended, and I was shocked. What were us ambassadors going to do?”

While basketball fans were bummed that their game nights would no longer be, COVID19 brought uncertainty to those whose income was impacted. 

“When management told me that Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz)tested positive for COVID19, I was concerned for the health of everyone,” Denisa admits. “I had just seen him at an NBA2K Tournament we hosted  a couple weeks prior.” Those who came in contact with basketball players were told to monitor their health and/or get tested. 

The COVID19 impact also meant events would be paused, leaving brand ambassadors, staff, and media without work as well.

“It changed drastically,” Denisa explains. “Ambassadors had limited opportunities and responsibilities, as things moved online at the time. Things thankfully picked back up again and the 2021 Atlanta AllStar Weekend was a success.”