Must-Follow Athlete Atto Hamdy is Now on Instagram

Whether you are looking for gym tips and tricks, daily motivational short clips, or just a good dose of fitness and muscle admiration, this astonishing athlete is a must-follow.

His name is Abdelrahman Hamdi, popularly known as Atto Hamdy, is one phenomenal athlete and national champion you should follow.

He constant first place winner of the Decathlon National Championships of Qatar in track and field for nine consecutive years. His career took off and his popularity got established during the years between 2005 – 2014.

Through his succession, Atto Hamdy has become a social media sensation. Known for his Greek-God physique and 1-minute-workout clips, he was able to motivate younger people to bite less and workout more.

Atto Hamdy was able to create helpful fitness content for those looking to get in shape at a remarkable period of time. If you are looking to get fit, Atto Hamdy is your guy. The athlete does not mind answering all your questions. He can also design a program that fits your purposes, body-shape, and end goal.

It goes without saying, fitness freaks should be following a few top-tier champions. Atto Hamdy has an impressive compilation of fitness videos and motivational quotes that can help you get in shape even from home. The athlete also has one-on-one sessions online during gym lock-downs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He is known through various Instagram posts that never seem to stop growing. Sometimes, he posts exclusive diet plans and health tips that are totally free of charge.

Watching Atto Hamdy speed through the track like a bullet leaving the gun’s barrel in a lightning speed is enough to motivate you to leave the couch and go outdoors for a jog.

In the competitive fitness landscape, it is best to follow someone who will benefit you through workouts and motivational workout posts, even when it’s off-season. If you are looking for real progress, you should keep close tabs on modern fitness trainers like Atto Hamdy.

If you live in Doha, Qatar, then you’re in luck! Atto Hamdy has a degree in Sports Science, and is qualified to train people professionally. So, If you live in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Doha, you may be in luck of can become your very own personal trainer, as he trains in several gyms around Qatar, including 1969 Fitness Hub, M Active Men, Aspire Active Men, and many more.

You can meet up with Atto Hamdy in person after booking an appointment on the athlete’s website, and enjoy all up-to-date workouts.

To learn more about Atto Hamdy, visit his social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also visit the hashtag #FTNSFRK or his company site Fitness Freak for more information about supplies that you can include in your workouts. If you are interested to buy some amazing products online, visit his store and get everything from vitamins, to smoothie-bottle packs, to proteins and supplement stacks for healthy muscle building.

By Lubna Hassan Amin