MLB 2019: Yankees and Red Sox to Both Wear Home Jerseys in London Series

One of the MLB’s most well known contentions is going over the lake.

With the Red Sox and the Yankees set to dare to London for a two-game series in June, the MLB is copying the endeavors of the NFL to make baseball prevalent in Europe also.

Be that as it may, one fascinating wrinkle is presently set up for the series. While the Red Sox are the assigned home team, the Yankees will at present be wearing their iconic home pinstripes jerseys.

It bodes well that the MLB would need two of its biggest teams to move their character with their home jerseys regardless little respect to which team is designated as “home” and which is designated as “away.”

While the NFL’s endeavors in Europe have been genuinely successful so far, we’ll need to wait and see how fans react to baseball.

With the Yankees and Red Sox both ready to chase a World Series next fall, Europe will get the opportunity to see a prime matchup between two of the best teams in baseball.

The stakes won’t be merely on the diamond though, as relying upon how the experience goes for the MLB, we could see the league develop a relationship with London similar to the one the NFL has.