The Houston Texans have the 23rd overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Houston Texans are in a decent circumstance for the up and coming 2019 NFL Draft this up and coming April as they are the holders of the 23rd overall selection, and much more so they have the a couple of options to browse as they can choice a hostile lineman, a cornerback, trade up in the draft, trade back in the draft or potentially trade their first round pick for a player who is as of now in the NFL.

Imagine a scenario where, and that is a big “What If” the Texans were to investigate making a trade for a player who could turn into a game advantage in a flash from Day 1 on the roster, and significantly more along these lines, get an astounding player already making their mark in the NFL?

Teams from around the league did that amid the 2018 season and it worked out well for them, incorporating the Chicago Bears with Khalil Mack (two firsts, two 3rd and a 6th rounder) and the Dallas Cowboys did as such with Amari Cooper amid the customary season.

Both of those trade for first round picks had a gigantic effect in their seasons by trading for effectively high-quality and demonstrated NFL players, preferable players over they would have chosen in the up and coming draft.

Is that a course that the Texans could take as they are in urgent need of an franchise left tackle to secure quarterback Deshaun Watson, or an increasingly significant cornerback who is as of now a game changer?

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