Teams across MLB decided whether or not to stretch out $18.9 million qualifying offers to some of the big-name players set to hit the free-agent market in front of the 5 p.m. deadline on Sunday, and a few outstanding Mets targets ended up observing offers come to their direction.

Marcus Stroman, DJ LeMahieu, Trevor Bauer, George Springer, JT Realmuto and Kevin Gausman saw their respective clubs stretch out proposals to them as they plan to possibly hit the market.

The Met might conceivably want to bring Stroman back, while additionally potentially acquiring one of Bauer, Realmuto and Springer, if not two.

Be that as it may, signing any of those guys (other than Stroman) accompanies a small catch: they’d lose their second round pick in the 2021 MLB Draft.

The vast majority of these players are probably going to decay the offers and improve deals out on the open market, so they could be accessible to the Mets soon as winter approaches.

In the event that the Mets get an opportunity to sign any of those guys, at that point renouncing a second-rounder would be more than justified, despite any trouble.

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