Coach Lucas Kephart; The Most Inspiring Coach of All Time

You are lucky to have an experienced and skilled baseball coach like Lucas Kephart. A good coach always has his eyes on gaining more qualities in himself.  Lucas transforms his players through mindful and tricky training sessions and strong preparation.

It takes work to be a coach because it simultaneously demands hard work and dedication. Lucas’s background reveals his creativity and sharp-minded skills as he earned a bachelor’s degree in Education (with an emphasis on youth and community studies) and taught for at least two years as a teacher. Later, his passion took second gear, and he dove deep into the baseball scene and created history with his passionate and fiery playing and coaching skills.

Achievements and Era of Glory

Lucas Kephart knows how to train young athletes, as he holds an experience of more than a decade in baseball coaching. He used to play Division 1 baseball for 1 year but stopped playing due to a severe injury. He just lost 30 pounds in just a week and was admitted to the ICU for a week.

He started playing after 2 weeks. He trained like a beast, gained his strength back, and received a scholarship to UT upon graduating from Sacramento City College, where he was entitled “Male Scholar-Athlete of The Year” for 2010. At Texas, he was one of the Big 12 Newcomers of the week in April 2011.

Due to his back-breaking efforts, his team was ranked in the top 5 nationwide and played in the championship tournament at Charles Schwab field in Omaha.  It’s not ended yet, as he had a college world series birth in 2011, playing in the first NCAA National.

Wounds Can’t Stop the Passion

He had a short hot streak and participated in the college world series. Later, he had surgery following the season, and sooner, he was invited as a student-assistant coach under the winning NCAA Division coach, Augie Garrido. Later, Lucas became the head catching instructor and was named an assistant hitting coach. The chance of coaching introduced him to a new variation of the game, and he started loving coaching the players. Soon, he left playing baseball, took coaching seriously, and started coaching young athletes to make them play internationally.

Coaching At Its Master Class

Lucas’ coaching emphasizes the athletes’ technical and physical attributes. He focuses on players’ weak points to help them stay healthy and powerful. Lucas Kephart interacts effectively with his players and students while instructing them on baseball information and training. He proposes hitting techniques that will improve the player’s strength and enthusiasm. He listens to his athletes and develops unique programs based on their history and present performance. He encouraged the participants and revealed the game’s secrets by fixing their flaws. His coaching philosophy undergoes the mindful strategies as he shared;

“Control your attitude and your effort, and you will maximize your potential.”


Lucas is well-versed in sports and works with his players to help them develop their talents, so the team can win. He educates the regulations and provides up-to-date information for new athletes. He instructs his athletes to “remain low and make swift transitions,” as well as study all angles. He explains how to strike the ball and adjust the defense based on the strengths of the opposing teams and players. Lucas believes he is still learning; therefore, he examines numerous hitting drills, anatomy, body motions, hitting and defensive angles, and workouts to improve his abilities as a baseball coach.