Lakers dedicatory TAP card praises their deep NBA playoff run!

To help the Lakers 2020 playoff run, Metro will appropriate memorial Lakers TAP cards at select bus stations and rail stations in the next few days.

Many of the cards — which are stacked with a day pass — will be dispersed in low-income and underserved neighborhoods by our law requirement partners at the LAPD, L.A. Sheriff’s Department and Long Beach PD, every one of whom help patrol the Metro system. The Lakers will likewise be giving some of the cards to our local Boys and Girls Clubs.

This is important for Metro’s and the Lakers’ continuous endeavors to offer back to neighborhood networks and do a touch of a bonus amazing for the riders and networks that we serve.

The cards are being given out as a major aspect of a season-long association among Metro and the Lakers to elevate taking travel to games. While the NBA Playoffs are in Florida this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re enthusiastic for the day that games continue at STAPLES Center.

In the event that all over town or making a basic excursion, you will likewise observe our transports and prepares enveloped by Lakers hues. It should proceed be a pleasant seven day stretch of ball in the Southland. Metro compliments the Lakers for making it this far.