Kevin Keegan and Liverpool FC Boot sponsor from 1974 are back stirring up the football boot market

A northern English boot brand who dominated English football in the late Sixties and Seventies, have returned to market, their name is Stylo Matchmakers. 

Whilst the football boot industry today is monopolised by just a handful of brands compared to previous decades, the Stylo Matchmakers label has rebooted to disrupt, pointing out the flaws in limiting the choices of brands, not only for aspirational and professional footballers but those involved in grassroots football. 

Stylo Matchmakers are today hitting under provided niches and anti-corporate organisations with their nostalgic sportswear. Football fans and classic boot buyers are taking advantage of new retro alternatives and footballers looking for more contemporary styles have limited edition models to choose from.

Stylo Matchmakers have now launched remastered professional versions of some of their most popular traditional leather designs  including the Heirship Sixty Eight made famous by George Best, Trevor Francis and Steve Heighway,  and the ever more popular Heirship Seventy Four design which was worn by not only individual superstars of this era, but full teams including Celtic FC, Leeds United FC, AFC Sunderland, Fulham FC and Liverpool FC under managers Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and club captain Kevin Keegan who also all proudly wore Stylo Matchmakers football boots. 

In 1973 Stylo Matchmakers signed up Keegan, AKA “Merseyside’s Mighty Mouse”. It was the biggest name in English football, and Stylo signed him up with the full Liverpool FC squad for the following 1974 season when they went on to lift the 1974 FA Cup.

Whilst more recently promoting his autobiography “My Life in Football”, Keegan mentions fellow Stylo Matchmakers idol George Best, telling the newspapers:

“I benefited from Bestie more than anybody. I got his boot contract, Stylo Matchmakers. I was 20. I wasn’t 16 like him when he first came over. He was the first and it’s always hard to be the pioneer.”At Liverpool, Keegan scored three First Division titles, the UEFA Cup twice, the FA Cup and the European Cup and the Ballon d’Or. in 1979.

After his playing career, Keegan became an International football manager, for Newcastle United, Fulham, England and Manchester City. He was also awarded an OBE in 1982 for his services to Association Football. 

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