Izzadeen Malik El-Amin wins his 6th Professional fight in San luis Colorado

Professional Boxer, Izzadeen Malik El-Amin once again went over to Mexico to fight for his 6th Professional Fight, he said this time he was in better condition then his previous fights, a Year out of the ring, he said this is been the toughest year yet, he has learnt a lot in this past year about  life, going through his injuries gave him that time.

He was back in Mexico on his own like the previous 5 times for his fights, he’s been fighting all his life he says, weather it was in his house against injustice done to him or fighting mentally through the challenges he faced as a teen, nothing new for him he says, when your battling with trauma from what happened to you as a kid, nothing else can be worse.

Izzadeen came back with the win, 3rd Round body shot stoppage, I dropped him twice he says 2nd time he didn’t get up referee waved it off, it was too much for him, this is now my 5th KO in a row, I can punch. he was the best opponent so far on paper he was coming off a stoppage win over a Undefeated Boxer so I done what I had to do, we keep on going God Willing.

 As me going to Mexico on my own, you know its always been a 1 man Army but thanks to those who were in my corner in San luis Colorado, coach Mike, solid guy and rest of the team from Arizona, his fighters Omar and Anthony also fought on the card all of us coming out with wins.

Now back in the UK, I think it’s time to make my UK debut. A lot of people wanna see me fight and see the KOs in person, there’s also those who wanna see me lose so it should be interesting what the next step is, stay tuned!.

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