Professional equestrian – Adam Sabbagh – He is an active international sports celebrity with competitive skills as a professional horseback rider. He took part in multiple high-end competitions and won several titles for show jumping.

Adam is a top-notched professional equestrian who rides for his homeland – Lebanon and takes an active part in international competitions. It is not done yet, he also took part and won numerous prestigious international competitions around the world.

To define his home for his horses, he selects France and Switzerland which indicates that his desire as an equestrian is second to none.

During his incredible career, he not only represented Lebanon in international competitions but also won several titles as a proud son of his land. Moreover, he never misses riding in Wilmington Florida when in the USA. He keeps on looking around to find some time for his game and training sessions, as he remains busy heading and operating his multiples businesses among Europe, the USA, and Russia.

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