Indianapolis Colts WR Michael Pittman Jr. says he will not surrender No. 11 to Carson Wentz

Obviously no measure of cash will get quarterback Carson Wentz his No. 11 pullover with his new group, the Indianapolis Colts.

Colts second-year beneficiary Michael Pittman Jr., who at present wears No. 11, says he has conversed with Wentz about the number, and the appropriate response is no on a potential switch.

“I am number 11,” Pittman told TMZ Sports. “… I don’t think there’s any deal that is gonna be done.”

It’s normal for players in new groups to attempt to purchase their favored shirt number for a lot of cash from one of their partners.

The Colts conceded to Thursday to obtain Wentz to be their new beginning quarterback from the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2021 third-round pick and 2022 second-round pick that could transform into a first-round pick.

Wentz wore No. 11 while at North Dakota State University and during his initial five years with the Eagles.

“Yeah, so I spoke to [Carson] and he was just seeing how locked in I was to No. 11, and I told him I was locked in — and he was like, ‘That’s cool, bro, because I’m probably gonna switch anyway,'” Pittman told TMZ Sports. “… He asked me very respectfully, and I just appreciated him for that. I think he’s a great dude, because lots of guys with his status, they would come in and demand and stuff like that.”

Pittman wore No. 6 in school at USC, at that point began his Colts vocation with No. 86 preceding choosing No. 11.

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