High Court reject to hear wrestlers’ brain damage evidence against WWE

“The wrestlers are dying of CTE despite the inaction of the justice system,” said Kyros, based in Hingham, Massachusetts. “Our team is proud to have brought their claims to our highest court and hopeful that this brings awareness to their ongoing struggles.”

Kyros had criticized Bryant’s rulings and said the former wrestlers had been “deprived of their fundamental rights as U.S. citizens, including their right to appeal.”

Kyros said the second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan dismissed before offers since definite decisions had not been made in every one of the claims. After Bryant made those last decisions in 2018, Kyros refiled requests in a few of the claims that went to the Supreme Court. In any case, he said the second Circuit dismissed those advances, saying they were documented past the point of no return as per another point of reference set by the Supreme Court.

In her 2018 decision, Bryant likewise reprimanded Kyros for over and again neglecting to conform to court rules and arranges and requested him to pay WWE’s lawful expenses – more than $500,000.

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