David Pérez Doval, is a Spanish footballer who plays like midfield player, more known like Doval.


In 2016 he joined the youth club of Club Deportivo Lugo and played for three years for this same club in his youth academy. In June 2019 his contract with Club Deportivo Lugo ended and in the summer of 2019 his preseason with Club Deportivo Leganés begins.

His stage in the CD Leganés and the rumors about his contract:

He came directly from CD Lugo and entered to make the preseason. According to the media, the player Doval had physical problems during the preseason due to an unfortunate blow. He had several medical tests and rejoined the team without any problem. Often followed the first tests for the Spanish player. He played a friendly game and even went on to train alone for several sessions. Until his opportunity came, he signed his contract and debuted in the league with the second team from CD Leganés, where according to club, federation and rumor sources he has scored a goal and played 90 minutes. In his second match, communication sources report that he was expelled directly from the match due to a red card. From that point, we have not seen him dressed in blue blanqui again.

Rumors from the media and sources close to the club report that the player has signed a professional contract and has left on loan as a loan to a team which is unknown for a season. At the moment, the future of the player is not yet clear and it is difficult to know what his future will be, if he will return to the Club Deportivo Leganés or perhaps he will have other options to shuffle. Sources close to the club report that their future will surely continue to be linked to CD Leganés.

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