For the first week, nine games pit first-round quarterbacks against each other

The 2022 season will begin in four days. By the time Sunday night rolls around, more than half the games will feature a pair of quarterbacks who came into the NFL in the first round of the draft.

nine games have featured a first-round QB1 vs. a first-round QB1. This is the highest since 1967. The previous record came in the first week of the 2012 season with eight.

Bills (Josh Allen, 2018) at the Rams (Matthew Stafford, 2009), Saints (Jameis Winston, 2015) at the Falcons (Marcus Mariota, 2015), 49ers (Tre Lance, 2021) at the Bears (2018). ), Steelers (Mitch Trubisky, 2017, or Kenny Pickett, 2022) at Bengals (Joe Burrow, 2020), Patriots (Mc Jones, 2021) at Dolphins (Tua Tagovailoa, 2020), Ravens (Lamar Jackson) at Jets (2018) Zach Wilson, 2021, or Joe Flacco, 2008), Jaguars (Trevor Lawrence, 2021) Commanders (Carson Wentz, 2016), Titans at Giants (Daniel Jones, 2019) (Ryan Tannehill, 2012), and Chiefs (Peter), 2017 ) at the Cardinals (Kyler Murray, 2019).

The number would be 10 if Deshaun Watson wasn’t suspended. But for the suspension, the 2017 first-rounder will be facing the 2018 first overall pick when the Browns face the Panthers.

Only two games in Week One did not feature at least one first-round quarterback for either team, and those were the two biggest: Cowboys (Dak Prescott, round four) at Buccaneers (Tom Brady, sixth round) and Broncos (Russell Wilson, round three) at Seahawks ( Geno Smith, second round).