With each passing week becoming more fantastic, it all comes down to it. The two teams, excited by the feeling of luck, are competing for the big prize in a dazzling modern football cathedral; It’s just a shame to have to lose someone. And yet, when The Fiver introduced the 3,000-word opus to The Man in the League Two Playoff finals, it was sent back to us in a thousand pieces, Confetti arranged on what passed for the two-word spelling desk: BIG CUP.

And if that opening gambit $ tevie Mbe telegraphed more than the Hollywood Pass, the Saturday night show in Paris promises to be much less predictable. Liverpool will start as a favorite, but Real Madrid have shown that they can destroy a carefully crafted Big Cup project in 90 seconds, let alone 90 minutes. With increasingly dramatic late returns against PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City, we expect Karim Benzema to pop up with the late winner halfway through Liverpool’s trophy parade.

So if you’re the kind of fan who likes to post your chosen team’s “UCLs” number on all available social media insults, like you’ve contributed in any meaningful way, here are some patented Fiver analyzes for you. Liverpool could go into the seven Big Cups, moving them alongside Milan – but, most importantly, spoiling the “we’ve won it [x] times” gossip. Madrid have won 13, of course – they don’t like to talk about it. That’s right, The Five is making fun of teams for winning big cups. But what else?

Both teams have earned their place, and both are trained to suit modern sports. Carlo Ancelotti’s tactical changes to the game may be like chatting with Luka Modric and raising eyebrows – but hey, it works. For Jगेrgen Klopp, he is the Big Cup-winning manager who is likely to be a team-building weekend enthusiast – followed by Roberto de Mateo. For commentators who point out that this is just a repetition of the 2018 showpiece, and six of the last nine Big Cup finals have featured at least one of these clubs – Fair Point. But then again, one of these teams lost in groups to Sheriff Tiraspol at home; Thanks to the other characters for the last-hasp-headed draw against West Brom. By their goalkeeper. Hard Luck, Mansfield and Port Valle – this is the true underdog story of the weekend.

“There have been many dark days and there will be in the future but I felt able to lead my staff and my players” – Vale manager Darrell Clark returning from a close family mourning this year as he prepares to lead them at Wembley on Saturday.

“Just hours after you kindly printed my letter in yesterday’s Five, Soccer Canada canceled their friendly match against Iran. I knew you were a world power in football, but it’s just remarkable “- Alan Etherington.

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