PHILADELPHIA — Four of the individuals who fell as a results of a railing collapse at FedEx Field on Sunday — all of whom say they suffered injuries from the incident, most of them minor — refuted an announcement by the Washington team suggesting they were offered on-the-spot medical analysis.

“They did not raise if anyone was hurt, and that they certain as hell did not raise if anybody required medical attention,” aforesaid Apostle Collins, 26, of Brooklawn, New Jersey. “The solely factor the workers aforesaid to U.S. was to urge the F off the sector.”

A railing on the aspect of the tunnel resulting in the visiting room at FedEx Field folded even as Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was exiting following Philadelphia’s 20-16 win. Multiple videos show a gaggle of regarding eight fans falling just about six feet to the bottom.

Washington free an announcement Sunday evening, stating, “To our information, everybody concerned was offered onsite medical analysis and left the arena of their own accord. We’re terribly glad nobody seems to own been seriously burned. the protection of our fans and guests is of the utmost importance and that we square measure trying into what occurred.”

Mike Naimoli, a 26-year-old from Sicklerville, New Jersey, known as that statement “completely incorrect,” language that there was no medical help offered. Instead, he aforesaid they were told, “‘Everybody get the F off the sector,’ and [they] quickly grabbed U.S. off from Jalen and shooed U.S. up into the stands.”

According to a supply with information of matters, patrician George’s County EMS personnel were on the scene among 5 minutes and commenced treating people who required medical attention, together with one media member who had been carted off and another fan. The supply aforesaid they weren’t responsive to anyone else needing medical attention at that point.

The team is continuous to analyze matters.

NFL exponent Brian McCarthy, in associate degree email, said: “We square measure reviewing the matter with the club to know what happened and to confirm it doesn’t happen once more.”

Naimoli and his bride-to-be, 24-year-old Morgan French, additionally of Sicklerville, drove to the sport with Collins and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Marissa Santarlasci.

Naimoli, who is seen on the video within the inexperienced Hurts jersey, aforesaid he began experiencing neck and arm pain, in addition as a tingling sensation within the hand that he aforesaid got unfree beneath the barricade, shortly once the incident. He visited the Inspira centre in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, Sunday evening to urge verified, and was fitted with a brace as he waited within the ER, he said. once he was discharged once 5:30 a.m. Monday, he was diagnosed with a cervical strain and a head injury beside elbow and knee contusions, documents show.

Collins aforesaid he was experiencing lower back pain and a force groin weekday, whereas Santarlasci and French aforesaid they suffered substantial leg bruising.

“I was the last person to fall,” aforesaid French, who contains a bruise that runs from the highest of 1 hip bone right down to her knee, to travel with bruises on each shins. “I was on prime of everybody thus I quickly jumped up, and also the guard virtually force Maine up by my 2 arms and got Maine off the sector. I did not have time to method. i used to be a lot of thus in shock.”

One Washington team official aforesaid the world wherever the fans congregated was for disabled individuals and designed for chair access, which the railing isn’t bearing and is so not designed to face up to many pounds leaning into it. The cluster contends, however, that they were granted access to the world by a member of arena security, which there was no assemblage indicating it absolutely was a restricted space.

“The guard at the lowest, we tend to [asked] him, ‘Can we tend to reconsider there?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah,'” Naimoli aforesaid. “If Washington team needs to come back out and say that the world is restricted, there was no documentation of that the least bit. The one guard that was right before of that space sweptwing U.S. in there and was like, ‘OK, act over to the tunnel.'”

This wasn’t the sole incident at FedEx Field this season. In Washington’s season-opening loss to the la Chargers, a pipe connected to fresh water storage skint and drenched alittle section of fans.

“I was at the front of the railing and that i felt pressure as presently as we tend to went down there. Maine and Apostle were like, ‘This factor goes to collapse,'” aforesaid Santarlasci. “More and a lot of individuals unbroken pile in … and as presently as Hurts came by, clearly it folded. I fell down. And as i used to be obtaining up, i used to be attempting to urge my foot out of the railing as a result of it absolutely was still caught, and also the individuals at FedEx, they were simply cacophonous the railing as my foot was still caught in it.

“They did not even raise, ‘Are you OK? does one would like help?’ Nothing. they solely went regarding their day. Hurts was truly the one asking, ‘Are you guys OK?’ it absolutely was crazy.”

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