49ers former chief CB Charvarius Ward sign a 3-year contract

J.C. Jackson and Carlton Davis “missed” the 49ers on Monday. However, there were reports that the team was interested in Stephen Gilmore. Niners signed a three-year deal with former chiefs CB Charvarius Ward on Monday night.
Either way, the 49ers have their CB1. Ward, who turned 26 in May, gave a 44% completion percentage last year, often following the other team’s top wide receivers. It is a press-man cornerback that weighs 6’1,200 pounds and is fast enough to carry the receivers vertically.

The top three cornerbacks on the roster are all under 26, as Emmanuel Moseley (25) and Embry Thomas (22) have given the team one of the most critical positions in the NFL.

This is the largest cornerback deal since Richard Sherman was paid $ 10 million per season in 2018.

The ward has been connected to 49 people for two weeks now. We will get more in-depth information about the ward signature on Tuesday. For now, it’s a huge investment of niners between free agencies. Once the details of the agreement are announced, they will be with us.

I will have a video of the goals of all the divisions for the 2021 season tomorrow, so that you can judge it.

Ward’s signature is likely to disqualify the 49ers who received the comp selection for the DJ. Jones.

The signing ward on Gilmore suggests that San Francisco is thinking long term, considering that they are building around Lance. Now, it is up to the ward to make progress and live up to its agreement.