Electric Verge TS Ultra motorcycle accelerates way too quickly

This motorcycle would have offended Howlin’ Wolf. It was not made to be comfortable. It is designed to move the body from a standstill to freeway speeds in the same amount of time as it took you to read this passage.

The new flagship motorcycle, the $44,900 TS Ultra, is made by renowned electric bike manufacturer Verge. Verge’s lineup includes it alongside the entry-level 4.5-second TS (MSRP $26,900) and 3.5-second, $29,000 TS Pro. The TS Ultra has a hubless rear wheel and a 1200 nm (885 ft-lb torque) electric motor, which is larger than the 1000 nm Pro and 700 nm TS. It produces 201 horsepower, has a top speed of 124 miles per hour, and has a range of 233 miles.

The hubless drive wheel not only looks cool, but it also saves space and weight, allowing Verge to increase the size of its battery and move it to lower the bike’s center of gravity. That comes in handy when you’re on a one-seat crotch rocket trying to remove fillings solely using acceleration force. A Wilbers or Ohlins suspension, three seat materials (basic leather, perforated leather, and alcantara), and five color options (both matte and glossy) will be available to riders.

On the Verge product page, you can place a preorder for a bike for $1000, which will be delivered in Q4 2023. Currently, there are only a few dozen or so states in the US where EVs can be purchased and imported, depending on local laws.