Dario Bonanno’s “Blue Ocean” e-commerce and its extraordinary results

He currently lives in Lisbon and is the key symbol of the e-commerce business that brings extraordinarily fascinating results.

This is the case of Dario Bonanno, a young boy who, dreaming big, managed to achieve one of his goals.

It all started in 2016 when he opened his e-commerce where he sells torches and watches but with one difference: payment on delivery.

This payment method is particularly loved by those who, given the scams nowadays, prefer to be able to pay everything upon arrival of the goods at their destination.

With this business Dario has reached various countries such as Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece.

He focused his attention on Eastern Europe right from the start because the market there was not that large so the competition is less than for example in the USA.

Thanks also to his degree in economics and business management, he has been able to manage all the various problems that have arisen from the beginning of the business to today.

In fact, today Dario also offers advice to those who intend to take this path by teaching them not to have too many initial fixed costs.

He hopes for the future to reach all the states that have this market that allows this payment method such as Asia and Latin America.