A couple of hours before Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins helped the Cardinals defeat the Seattle Seahawks, a few drivers guarantee he was driving on the Loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway in Tempe on Sunday, making a vulgar signal.

“Pulled up on the right-hand side of his car and it was him with both hands in the air giving the bird to everybody who was driving by,” said Mark Forgy, who snapped the photo, saying he didn’t know at the time who it was behind of the wheel of the black Ferrari.

“I posted some pictures and someone goes, ‘Hey, that’s DeAndre Hopkins,’ and I was like, ‘No way,'” said Forgy.

Fogy claims Hopkins, at a certain point, was gradually down traffic.

“I decided to tweet him, ‘Hey, stay classy.’ Man, this, no matter what side you’re on, I have friends on both sides, I’m not going to disrespect that,” said Forgy.

Forgy wasn’t the just one observing Hopkins activities. Another driver tweeted at the wide receiver, saying his 8-year-old son was in the car as he was disrupting the Phoenix Trump Train drive.

However, on the other side, Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James likewise ringed into the discussion and called Hopkins “silly” in a tweet.

Cardinals head coach Kilff Kingsbury was gotten some information about the episode yet didn’t have a lot to state.

“I don’t have enough details on what may or may not have happened with that deal right now,” said Kingsbury.

Meanwhile, Arizona’s family given arriving at a shot to Hopkins straightforwardly, yet we have not heard back.

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