Dom Singh’s 10 Lifehacks for that fit “bod” you’ve been dreaming of!

By Dom Singh, Nationally Qualified Body Builder, Trainer and CEO DominatorFit (@dominat0rr)

Everyone wants the magic pill, but what they don’t realize is, the magic pill lies within them. Dom Singh a nationally qualified body builder states that when he is in season to compete, everyone wants to know his “secret”. So Singh wants to break it down for us:

Avoid Isolation Exercises

Triceps exercises are not enough for muscle building, so you have to move onto something serious, like those exercises, which are sure to work out. Sometimes, you have to target the muscles in order to get better results. Some of those exercises should include press-incline, bench and shoulder exercises, which target the group of muscles, and improve your muscle building.

Never Consume More Food

The fat of the body, though, converts into the muscles but it is not a good idea to consume more calories. You should always have a balanced meal, high in protein and low in carb in order to receive satisfactory results.

Protein Shake

Food needs to be converted quickly into muscles and energy, so the best alternative to such calorie food is the calorie drinks. In between meals, you should have a protein shake.

Include Fats in Your Diet

You need fats, because fats aid to improve muscle, which is why you must never be scared of using fats in your diet. Just have to be smart on which fat.

Cardio is key

Let me correct that, fasted cardio is key. Lose weight by waking up and doing at least half an hour of cardio.

Importance of Carbohydrates for Muscle Healing

Post exercises and diet are very important, as muscles usually get damaged due to excessive workouts and usually needs to heal quickly for better results. Dom Singh advises to take carbohydrates, because they contain healing powers, so the muscles can quickly get back to normal by using carbohydrates as a treatment.

Lift More With Low Reps

For hard gainers, it is very important to repeat less while lifting heavyweights. You need to be very careful because you can stay away from any harm when you follow the health tips.

Rest Properly After Working Out

Most people ignore the fact that resting after any workout is very important because the body needs to get healed and you can only keep yourself going if you take a break and rest until the body relaxes.

Adequate Sleep

Proper sleep is very important for a healthy and active life, because your body gets relaxed with a good amount of sleeping hours. For your body to change its form, proper sleep is key.

Dedication & Persistence

The most important factor for any bodybuilder, whether he is a hard gainer or not, dedication and consistency are very important. You can’t get results overnight but small steps towards big strides work out in the future.