Since they got in to this romantic relationship, Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus have been seen spending their leisure time in each other’s company. So it is pretty much logical that they will be spending their holidays together indeed. The couple has taken their relationship to the next level by deciding to spend time at Thanksgiving with her family.

Miley Cyrus is on break these days after getting a surgery of her vocal cord. The couple has therefore planned to spend the Thanksgiving with each other. They will be staying with Cyrus’s family in their home town.

The couple has been seen as a bustling romantic duo and this latest intel has proven yet again that they are going great together. A source has shared that, “Things are going really well between them. Having him in her life is nothing but positive right now. Her family is looking forward to having him there for the holidays. He fits right in with them.

Meanwhile there have been rumors about their breakup, Cody zipped the lips by wishing the singer her 27th birthday by saying, “Happy birthday baby. Thanks for being you. ” The singer was seemed to be really excited to celebrate her girl’s big day in Nashville. Cody has sweet terms with the Cyrus’s family. He has been spotted out with Miley’s mom Tish Cyrus and the Last Song actor back in October.

Both the stars are pop sensations and enjoy huge fan following around the world. Fans are really excited to see the latest pop sensations together. The couple is said to be one of the decent and cutest couple of these times and therefore fans are always eager to know more and more about them. Miley having her surgery done and it was expected to not to be heard about her in near future. However this news has made the fans happy all over.  

The couple shared their first kiss in October while they have been in strong friendship for years. This clearly shows that their love affair did not begin since long however their love is growing really fast. At the same time, it shows that this is not the first time that they are leaving the friends zone. During a broadcast back in October, Miley shared that, “I do not remember [where we kissed]. Probably a disco ** dirty. Like four years ago?

Cody said that it was back 2016 and they were in a night club in Los Angeles. And since they both have been friends for a long period, Cody knows Miley’s family already. This means that the Thanksgiving will not be stressful with them at all.

So let’s wait and watch what news we will get next for you and for sure we will share as soon as we will know what is happening next. By now what we have to share with you is that Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson – Inside Their Thanksgiving Plans With Her Familys!

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