We’re under one week from the national championship game between No. 1 Alabama and No. 3 Ohio State. The two teams enter the game with a great deal of firepower on one or the other side of the ball, and it’s turning out to be a decent one in Miami Gardens, Florida come Monday night.

The Crimson Tide (11-0) are coming off a 31-17 Rose Bowl semifinal win over No. 4 Notre Dame. The Buckeyes (7-0), then, destroyed No. 2 Clemson 49-28 out of a gigantic surprise triumph. The two teams will meet for the first time since the debut College Football Playoff in 2014, where the Scarlet and Gray guaranteed triumph.

Urban Meyer, the one who coached the Buckeyes during that game, talked with Joel Klatt on FOX Sports’ Breaking The Huddle Wednesday night and said he sees Ohio State scoring a few points in this one.

“I watched a bunch of them. I know them very well,” Meyer said. “They win the game because of fundamentals, great players, great technique and working your tendencies. Clemson was more of a ‘we’re going to disrupt you, be all over the place, create a bunch of different looks for you. Alabama is going to line up and play. They disguise a little bit, but not a lot. So it’s going to be a much different game.

“I think Ohio State is going to score some points. I saw Florida do it, I saw Ole Miss do it and I think Ohio State is better than those two teams offensively.”

Because Meyer trusts Ohio State will have their way on offense doesn’t mean he trusts Alabama won’t. The Crimson Tide have had the country’s most dangerous unit the entire season, and it will be a significant challenge for the defense of the Buckeyes to stop them.

“Now, you’re talking about Alabama’s offense? I haven’t seen anyone even come close to slowing that down. You have three — I think — Heisman winners. In their own time, they could have won the Heisman. Obviously, you can’t win them all this year. So this will be a high-scoring game.”

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