Chiefs coach Eric Bieniemy will get the opportunity to impress the Jets once more

There will be a ton of spotlight this week on Chiefs running back Le’Veon Bell, and the possibility that he will be out for vengeance against the Jets, who released him fourteen days prior. In any case, the connection between another individual from the Chiefs and the Jets is all the more intriguing.

In January 2019, the Jets talked with Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy for their head-coach opening prior to hiring Adam Gase all things being equal. In a couple of months, they might be trying to talk with him again to supplant Gase.

The Jets enjoyed Bieniemy when they talked with him, yet they had worries about the amount of the Chiefs’ offensive achievement was because of him and its amount was Andy Reid. Bieniemy likewise wanted to call plays with the Jets, which he had never done.

Since that interview, Bieniemy has won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs and become the most well-known name on the coaching market — however the Chiefs are hesitant about who really calls the plays, saying everybody is included. The Jets without a doubt will be intrigued again in the event that they are on the lookout for a new head coach. Sunday could be an early job interview for Bieniemy and an opportunity to show Jets proprietorship what they missed out when they passed on him a year ago.