Bruce Arians calls Tom Brady confused: ‘A little greedy’

Tom Brady has already thrown nine touchdown passes and is an early-season favorite to win the MVP. He still wrecked Bruce Arians Sunday.

The Buccaneers’ head coach called Brady during an interview on WDAE Radio on Tuesday, blaming the 44-year-old quarterback for the turnaround in Sunday’s win over the Atlanta Falcons.

Brady threw five touchdown passes, but he cheated in the first quarter when he was removed by Falcons Edge Rusher Dante Fowler. Arians said it was because Brady held the ball too long.

“You know, Sack-Fumble, he wanted to get the ball out of his hands,” Arians said. “He was getting a little greedy and had to get the ball out of his hands and we got a field goal. And of all the drives in the game, I was the most frustrated about it. ”

Fumble gave the Buccaneers a chance to score a field goal in the first quarter and extend their lead to double digits, but it also hurt the Arians’ spirit.

“It should be 14 काहीही nothing. This put me in a bad mood for the rest of the game, “added Arians.

Still, Fumble had no real impact on the outcome of the game. The Falcons did not succeed in turnover, and the Buckeyes extended a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter, leading to a 48-25 one-sided victory.

This is not the first time Arians’ Tuesday quote has called for Brady to make mistakes on the field. Last year ब्र Brady’s first season in Tampa Bay 1 after the loss to the New Orleans Saints in the 1st and 9th weeks, Arians criticized his pass and decision-making.

Brady and Arians both disputed the idea that there was tension between them after the criticism, as they won the Super Bowl 55 as a wild card team.

This year, they are looking to repeat as champions, and are quick to do so after starting the 2-0 season.