Baseball at Augusta Prep Entering a New Chapter

The Augusta Prep golf team is preparing for their second tournament at Mount Vintage after kicking off their campaign last week.

Thanks in part to new head coach Chris Gay, the Cavaliers nearly doubled their player count this season.

The coach expressed his excitement for what this season will bring and said that it has been such a pleasure to coach these young men, including his son.

The Cavs are eager to keep developing their team dynamic and skill set as they prepare for their upcoming tournament on Tuesday.

“I’m ecstatic,” Mount Vintage is going to be an enjoyable course. J.R. Weber, a sophomore golfer, says, “I’ve played in a number of tournaments there. We’ve been really good with teamwork, team ability, and being able to hit irons consistently. The ultimate goal is to try to win a state championship.”

This year’s team dynamics are different, and for some players, meeting so many new people has made the experience more enjoyable.

Golfer Roy Gamble says, “We just pump each other up like ‘hey it’s alright just do your best’ and if there’s a bad shot, we’re just like ‘don’t worry about it, you’ll do better next time.'” The team has at least twice as many players as before in addition to more seniors.

Tuesday, Augusta Prep will travel to Mount Vintage to play Curtis Baptist and Colleton Prep in a tri-team tournament.