Albert Haynesworth Calls for Tennessee Football Boycott over ‘Systemic Racism’

Previous NFL protective tackle and Tennessee Volunteers alum Albert Haynesworth blamed the school for foundational prejudice and urged individuals to blacklist the college after the football program employed Josh Heupel to be its lead trainer without talking previous quarterback and current collectors mentor Tee Martin.

Haynesworth composed on Facebook:


“Clearly Tennessee Vols underestimate Tee Martin! For what reason do s- – t on him, hellfire he even diminish his compensation to assist the college with trip when he didn’t need to? Is it bc he’s dark? UT won’t talk with him. I bring race into it bc UT has ignored great qualified dark mentors like Kippy Brown and others in these past training look. Dominant part of your players are African-American why not put an African-American mentor to lead them particularly the one that won Tennessee a title? You folks give everybody aside from a dark qualified man an opportunity! With this said I won’t go to any games or supporting until I see change in the college that I love to such an extent! I trust my kindred dark Tennessee former student will follow me in boycotting the college in demonstrating how genuine we are about not inclination the correspondence for our kindred qualified dark coaches!!!”

Previous Tennessee collector Peerless Price additionally revolted against Martin not being met:

Current Duke ladies’ b-ball lead trainer Kara Lawson, a Tennessee alum, said in June that the school’s athletic division expected to improve its absence of variety.

“I would energize all individuals from the board, the chancellors, the president, to take a gander at the variety or scarcity in that department of the senior staffs of our athletic divisions. … It’s not simply striking, there isn’t any,” she said, per Monica Kast of the Knoxville News Sentinel. “At the point when I take a gander at my place of graduation, Knoxville, there is definitely not a solitary African-American mentor at that establishment. That isn’t the equivalent for most of the SEC.”

Per Will Backus of the Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee has had precisely three Black lead trainers in its set of experiences: men’s ball lead trainer Wade Houston from 1989 to ’94, men’s b-ball lead trainer Cuonzo Martin from 2011 to ’14 and olympic style events J.J. Clark from 2001 to ’14.

The school likewise doesn’t have any Black ranking staff individuals in its athletic office.

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