AEW reported some scene-changing news Wednesday as AEW Dynamite is set to move to TBS in 2022.

Notwithstanding the move, starting with one WarnerMedia network then onto the next, AEW will likewise debut 60 minutes in length AEW Rampage on August 13 at 10 pm EST. Frenzy will address an astounding tenth hour of genius wrestling programming each week among WWE and AEW alone. The Friday-night show will move to TBS in 2022 alongside Dynamite, and keeping in mind that it will happen on that very night as Friday Night SmackDown, it won’t struggle with the Fox show which airs at 8 pm EST.

At the end of the day, there will be no straight on Friday Night Wars.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to help Tony Khan expand his wrestling fiefdom across our networks and bring more content to our fans that fit the thrill ride brand of TNT and a good time of TBS,” said Sam Linsky, Associate General Manager, SVP, Programming and Operations, TBS, TNT and truTV in an official statement.

Linsky proceeded to honor the late Brodie Lee by taking note of “It’s Wednesday. You understand what that implies.”

“As a lifelong wrestling aficionado who is privileged to present AEW to longtime and new fans alike, it means a lot to me—personally and professionally—to share the news that All Elite Wrestling will call TBS home beginning in 2022,” said AEW CEO Tony Khan.

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AEW’s transition to TBS is apparently being done to oblige the NHL, which as of late finished a seven-year TV rights manage Turner worth an expected $225 million for each season.

AEW’s development bundle incorporates four yearly “super cards” to air on TNT. These occasions are probably going to be in the vein of past AEW TV specials like Bash at the Beach and Blood and Guts. Khan additionally discussed the monetary motivations to this new arrangement, which is supposed to be worth eight-figures.

“The financial upside to our new agreement will give us the opportunity to continue to invest in and grow AEW to serve the most important people in our industry: our fans, our wrestlers, our staff, and our sponsors,” said Khan.

WWE NXT as of late moved to Tuesday evenings in what should oblige a potential NHL move to NBCUniversal. All things considered, AEW Dynamite’s transition to another organization has additionally separated the advancement from the genealogy of the brief Wednesday Night Wars.

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