After creating waves within the boxing world, Jake Paul could presently enter the cage for AN MMA fight.

Paul is days aloof from a boxing repetition with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley that takes place on Saturday in city, Fla., however titillated competitive within the sweet science might not be his solely venture in combat sports.

“People appear to forget that i used to be a state belligerent, Division one in Ohio, one in all the toughest wrestling states,” Paul explained throughout a media scrummage following Thursday’s pre-fight press conference. “I don’t see why if I will do boxing at this high of grade that I couldn’t do MMA at this high of grade.

“I’m gonna go get coached up by Jav Mendez, Team Khabib, and that’s that. They’re down, one hundred pc.”

According to ESPN, Paul and Mendez have engaged in discussions concerning coaching at yankee Kickboxing Academy within the future. Paul says he would really like to secure double-digit wins in boxing before creating the transition to the cage.

Mendez is that the noted trainer of former UFC champions like Daniel Cormier and Khabib Nurmagomedov, among several alternative rising stars at AKA.

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During the official pre-fight press conference in Miami, Paul at first expressed his interest to fight in MMA. “It can happen at some purpose, one hundred pc,” Paul declared.

Woodley in real time replied, pruning Paul’s statements to challenge him to AN MMA fight.

“You a lie,” Woodley declared. “Let’s do MMA then. Let’s do that MMA when we have a tendency to do that boxing thus I will elbow you within the head and knee you within the hunk.”

While Paul holds a convince Woodley within the ring via decision, he’s unsure of UN agency his opponent would be in AN MMA bout and once the potential fight would crop up.

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