About Ellen Alexander – A Russian model who established in Los Angeles all by herself

Ellen Alexander is a model, actor and a singer who established herself and become successful in the industry. Since she was 14, she has been traveling and gaining more and more experience that leads her to realize her dream. Originally, she is from Russia but is residing in the US for now. Although she is settled in the US, she is still traveling time to time around the world to do projects and to educate herself more about the industry. Moreover, she has done many roles in many TV shows. With all this hard working, she has gained more than 312k followers on Instagram.

Educational Background

As her scientist parents decided, she got an Economics degree from Russia. Soon, she realized that this is not her dream. From childhood, being the daughter of a famous scientist, many photographers will take photo shoots of her which made her clear about her aim. She decided to become a model. For this, she took admission in the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK. To take her career to the next level, she focused on modeling and acting but could not attend the Royal Academy properly.

How did she become a model?

Ellen belongs to the family of Russian scientists. Her parents were second generation scientists in Russia as her grandfather was first. So, how come she became a model? It is surprising to hear that kids of scientists choose different fields rather than science.

From childhood, many photographers took shots of Ellen as she was the daughter of a scientist. It enhances her passion to become a model. Another thing that inspires her to become a model was when she looked at other models and learnt about their lives.  As she travelled a lot since her childhood, she managed to meet them and get a closer look on their lives.

Choosing a totally opposite direction of field as of parents, Ellen becomes a model. Her parents wanted her to get the economics degree which she did. After that, she moved to the UK as she knew she could not achieve her goal of becoming a successful model by living in Russia. In Uk, to study arts she got admission in the Royal Academy of Arts in London. She could only attend a few classes there as she got busy in her career.

Ellen Alexander in Acting Industry

Ellen has done a lot of great work in the acting industry. Although she is a struggling actress, she has performed in many TV shows. She has worked in the famous TV show Law of the Lawless which got 8.3/10 rating. Other than this, she has shown her marvelous talent in Women on the edge, a mother’s sacrifice, gold diggers, the 100 jokes, White famous, Poor Anastasia.

Ellen Alexander as a Singer

Our Ellen is not limited to modeling and acting. She is showing her flexible talent as a singer too. She recognized her singing talent when she first sang in a church choir. According to her, she wanted to become an English singer not Russian because it will limit her audience. She has released her two songs on her YouTube channel already. Go there and enjoy them! J

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Ellen’s new music video to her song “Shadows” has recently premiered and is available for everyone to enjoy on Youtube: 

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