WWE’s Vince McMahon to look go on The Pat McAfee Show

WWE Chairman and corporate executive Vince McMahon can seem live, in-studio on The Pat McAfee show on weekday, March three at noontide Eastern Standard Time.

The show can air go on YouTube and on SiriusXM. the looks was declared throughout tonight’s episode of SmackDown.

The appearance can mark the foremost high-profile live interview with McMahon since the December 2014 Stone Cold Podcast episode on WWE Network. That look semiconductor diode to McMahon publically responding to CM Punk’s relation of the series of events leading up to, then following his WWE departure in 2014, together with Punk receiving his WWE termination papers on his day.

In the 2014 interview with Austin, McMahon conjointly spoke of his perception of the WWE list lacking the ambition that previous generations did, invoking his notorious “brass ring” comment that has been lampooned by multiple corporations since, and gave his thoughts on Cesaro’s potential as a main event star.

A WWE color commentator, McAfee has scored variety of WWE guests currently, together with Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and lead play-by-play voice archangel Cole.