Wrestling saves Brock Lesnar from showing ‘real’ himself in WWE at MSG match

The “real Brock Lesnar” nearly didn’t build it to WWE tv.

Lesnar was done, happy to retire to his home and farm in Canadian province once dropping the WWE Championship to histrion McIntyre at a fan-less WrestleMania thirty six at the WWE Performance Center in city, Fla., in Apr 2020.

“Had my initial match in a very garage ahead of no individuals, and twenty years later I’m WWE universal champion of the globe, wrestling ahead of no individuals,” Lesnar same. “So I came full circle. I had twenty years as associate jock, as associate somebody, and that i was happy with it. The pandemic hits, and my contract was up, and then in my mind, i used to be retired and simply subsidence into it. I grew my beard out, grew my hair out. This wasn’t some program. I simply reasonably went off the map and was happy with it.”

Lesnar, 44, wasn’t seen once more on a WWE mat till this past August at SummerSlam, once he confronted current WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns to shut the show. That embarked on a currently seven-month plot line with Reigns and his former on-screen advocate, Paul Heyman, throughout that Lesnar has won the WWE championship doubly (the second time within the Elimination Chamber) and additionally the Royal Rumble. aiming to tell this specific story was one in every of the items that histrion Lesnar back to WWE.

“Yes, however this factor has taken heaps of various twists and turns we tend to didn’t discuss, and it’s fun,” same Lesnar, who can defend the WWE Championship at a loaded live event at Madison sq. Garden on March five. “But I came back as a result of i used to be asked terribly nicely, and that i was stipendiary terribly nicely. I actually have a passion for it, this plot line needless to say.”

When Lesnar did come back, he didn’t dress or act just like the person the audience had watched for therefore a few years with Heyman as his mouthpiece. This baby-face version of Lesnar is doing his own promos, telling knock-knock jokes and taking selfies with fans.

The South Dakota native’s hair is longer and in a very braid, and he solely wears his MMA shorts throughout matches. Lesnar same WWE chairman Vince McMahon told him he didn’t very care what he wore on TV. therefore the remainder of the time, he’s wearing the overalls, flannels and therefore the cowboy boots and hats he wears on his farm. This typically terribly personal person is finally giving fans the foremost real look into him than he ever has.