When Seth Rollins wrestles at Night of Champions, he will set a new WWE record

Seth Rollins is one of the most decorated WWE stars in the modern era in the wake of becoming well-known as Tyler Black in ROH, being the first-ever WWE NXT Champion, and having a legendary run as a member of The Shield with Jon Moxley and Roman Reigns prior to separating to begin his run as a top singles star by lining up with The Authority.

He has held the United States, NXT, World Heavyweight, Universal, Intercontinental, Raw Tag Team, and NXT Championships in WWE.

All totaled, Rollins has come out on top for 15 titles in WWE as well as winning the 2014 Money in the Bank ladder match and the 2019 Royal Rumble.

Rollins’ next match will be against AJ Styles in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament finals at Night of Champions next Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

Rollins is Triple H’s “number one guy,” as previously reported; however, if Rollins does not win the match, it will be because they are telling a longer story. He currently has a strong chance of winning the title.

Rollins will impact the world forever at the event as he will end up being the first person in history to contend in three debut Champion matches – 2012: NXT Championship, 2016: Universal Championship, and 2023: World Heavyweight Championship.