In alternative reality, Edge Rusher von Miller would have joined the Dallas Cowboys in his hometown instead of signing the Buffalo Bills.

According to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, Miller checked in with the Denver Broncos’ former teammate Demarcus Ware during a free agency to ask if the Cowboys were interested in bringing in the 11-year-old veteran.

Ware, who played with Miller for three seasons in Denver after a nine-year career in Dallas, envisioned a star-studded cowboy defense that would have included three Premier Pass Rushers at different stages in their respective careers: Miller, DeMarcus Lawrence and Mika Parsons. Dan Quinn has 172 combined careers with 20 years of experience in defense.

The biggest hurdle for the Miller-Cowboy Union was of course money. The cap-strapped cowboy has made a number of money-saving moves this off-season, including releasing right tackle Lyle Collins, trading receiver Amery Cooper, and letting many other players roam the free agency. Cowboys re-signed Edge Rusher Randy Gregory for a five-year, $ 70 million extension, but Gregory withdrew after signing a two-point agreement and signing with the Broncos instead.

Miller, a native of Texas who attended high school in Dallas and played for nearby Texas A&M, finally signed a six-year, $ 120 million contract that included a 51.4 million guarantee.

Now, Miller has joined the already-stacked Bills defense, which ranks No. 1 in points and yards allowed this past season. Buffalo completed the highest pressure in the league with 30.8 percent. Bills aspires to the Super Bowl after missing the AFC Championship game recently. The hope for Buffalo is that the 33-year-old Miller could add another level to Sean McDermott’s defense and push the Bills beyond the finish line in 2022.

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