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VIVO Pro Kabaddi League2023: Complete Schedule and Grand Launch for Season 10 Revealed

VIVO Pro Kabaddi Association 2023 Live Stream
Presenting Season 10: The primary leg of Pro Kabaddi takes place in Ahmedabad from December 2–7, 2023, at the Field by Trans Stadia Arena. Get ready to start holding disputes at 8:00 p.m. IST. With assistance from Pawan Sehrawat and Fazel Atrachali, the drape raiser pits the Gujarat Goliaths against the Telugu Titans in a Star Kabaddi setting, guaranteeing an unquestionably thrilling finale to this high-stakes battle.

Write in your schedules for December second as the Pro Kabaddi League, in its stupendous tenth season, makes a victorious return. Get the live transmissions on the Star Sports Organization’s Television slots or stream the activity for nothing on the Disney+Hotstar portable application from 8:00 PM IST.

Ace Kabaddi Association 2023 Transmission Channel Number
Tune in for the live transmission of the Pro Kabaddi League 2023 matches on a complete cluster of Star Sports channels, guaranteeing a wide-arriving at review insight. Get the activity on Star Sports 1 (HD+HD), Star Sports 1 Hindi (SD+HD), Star Sports 1 Tamil, Star Sports 1 Telugu, Star Sports 1 Kannada, and Star Sports 2 (HD+SD). Remain associated with witness the absolutely exhilarating kabaddi confrontations across these assorted channels.

PKL Timetable 2023: Prepare for the activity stuffed tenth time of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in 2023! Coordinated by Mashal Sports, the authority PKL plan for 2023 is out, promising invigorating kabaddi matches. Beginning on December 2, 2023, the principal game between Gujarat Goliaths and Telugu Titans at the Field by Transstadia Arena in Ahmedabad will start off exciting fights between top kabaddi crews.

Keep in mind, the ongoing timetable covers the association stage, and season finisher subtleties will be declared later. The association stage, loaded with relentless activity, wraps up on February 21, 2024. Try not to miss the intriguing opening end of the week with kabaddi stars like Pawan Sehrawat, Naveen Kumar, Fazel Atrachali, and Ajinkya Pawar.

Remain tuned with the simple to-follow PKL 2023 timetable, giving fundamental subtleties like dates, times, scenes, and where to watch. Get all the fervor on the Disney+ Hotstar application and site for live streaming and the Star Sports Organization for live broadcast. As the commencement to Pro Kabaddi League 2023 starts, prepare to observe the best in kabaddi seeking magnificence in quite possibly of the most anticipated sport occasions of the year.

DateDay of the WeekTeam ATeam BCity
02-Dec-23SaturdayGujarat GiantsTelugu TitansAhmedabad
U MumbaU.P. YoddhasAhmedabad
03-Dec-23SundayTamil ThalaivasDabang Delhi K.C.Ahmedabad
Gujarat GiantsBengaluru BullsAhmedabad
04-Dec-23MondayPuneri PaltanJaipur Pink PanthersAhmedabad
Bengaluru BullsBengal WarriorsAhmedabad
05-Dec-23TuesdayGujarat GiantsU MumbaAhmedabad
(Single Header)Ahmedabad
06-Dec-23WednesdayTelugu TitansPatna PiratesAhmedabad
U.P. YoddhasHaryana SteelersAhmedabad
07-Dec-23ThursdayBengal WarriorsJaipur Pink PanthersAhmedabad
Gujarat GiantsPatna PiratesAhmedabad
08-Dec-23FridayBengaluru BullsDabang Delhi K.C.Bengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
Puneri PaltanU MumbaBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
09-Dec-23SaturdayBengaluru BullsHaryana SteelersBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
U.P. YoddhasTelugu TitansBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
10-Dec-23SundayBengal WarriorsTamil ThalaivasBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
Dabang Delhi K.C.Haryana SteelersBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
11-Dec-23MondayJaipur Pink PanthersGujarat GiantsBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
Bengaluru BullsU.P. YoddhasBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
12-Dec-23TuesdayBengal WarriorsPatna PiratesBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
(Single Header)Bengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
13-Dec-23WednesdayTamil ThalaivasTelugu TitansBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
Bengaluru BullsJaipur Pink PanthersBengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
14-Dec-23Thursday(Rest Day)Bengaluru (Sree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium)
15-Dec-23FridayPuneri PaltanHaryana SteelersPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
U MumbaPatna PiratesPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
16-Dec-23SaturdayPuneri PaltanBengal WarriorsPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
Telugu TitansDabang Delhi K.C.Pune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
17-Dec-23SundayPatna PiratesJaipur Pink PanthersPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
U MumbaTamil ThalaivasPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
18-Dec-23MondayBengal WarriorsU.P. YoddhasPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
Puneri PaltanDabang Delhi K.C.Pune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
19-Dec-23TuesdayHaryana SteelersGujarat GiantsPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
(Single Header)Pune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
20-Dec-23WednesdayJaipur Pink PanthersU.P. YoddhasPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
Puneri PaltanBengaluru BullsPune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
21-Dec-23Thursday(Rest Day)Pune (Balewadi Sports Complex)
22-Dec-23FridayTamil ThalaivasPatna PiratesChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
Haryana SteelersTelugu TitansChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
23-Dec-23SaturdayTamil ThalaivasJaipur Pink PanthersChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
Gujarat GiantsU.P. YoddhasChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
24-Dec-23SundayU MumbaBengal WarriorsChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
Bengaluru BullsTelugu TitansChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
25-Dec-23MondayBengal WarriorsDabang Delhi K.C.Chennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
Tamil ThalaivasHaryana SteelersChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
26-Dec-23TuesdayPuneri PaltanPatna PiratesChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
(Single Header)Chennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
27-Dec-23WednesdayJaipur Pink PanthersDabang Delhi K.C.Chennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
Tamil ThalaivasGujarat GiantsChennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
28-Dec-23Thursday(Rest Day)Chennai (SDAT Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium)
29-Dec-23FridayPatna PiratesHaryana SteelersNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
U.P. YoddhasBengaluru BullsNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
30-Dec-23SaturdayTelugu TitansU MumbaNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
U.P. YoddhasDabang Delhi K.C.Noida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
31-Dec-23SundayGujarat GiantsBengal WarriorsNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
Tamil ThalaivasBengaluru BullsNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
01-Jan-24MondayTelugu TitansPuneri PaltanNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
U.P. YoddhasPatna PiratesNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
02-Jan-24TuesdayGujarat GiantsDabang Delhi K.C.Noida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
(Single Header)Noida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
03-Jan-24WednesdayHaryana SteelersJaipur Pink PanthersNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
U.P. YoddhasPuneri PaltanNoida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
04-Jan-24Thursday(Rest Day)Noida (Noida Indoor Stadium)
DateDay of the WeekTeam ATeam BMumbai Dome by NSCI
05-Jan-24FridayPatna PiratesDabang Delhi K.C.Mumbai Dome by NSCI
U MumbaBengaluru BullsMumbai Dome by NSCI
06-Jan-24SaturdayU MumbaJaipur Pink PanthersMumbai Dome by NSCI
Telugu TitansGujarat GiantsMumbai Dome by NSCI
07-Jan-24SundayPuneri PaltanTamil ThalaivasMumbai Dome by NSCI
Bengal WarriorsHaryana SteelersMumbai Dome by NSCI
08-Jan-24MondayBengaluru BullsPatna PiratesMumbai Dome by NSCI
U MumbaDabang Delhi K.C.Mumbai Dome by NSCI
09-Jan-24TuesdayTelugu TitansBengal WarriorsMumbai Dome by NSCI
(Single Header)Mumbai Dome by NSCI
10-Jan-24WednesdayU.P. YoddhasTamil ThalaivasMumbai Dome by NSCI
U MumbaHaryana SteelersMumbai Dome by NSCI
11-Jan-24Thursday(Rest Day)Mumbai Dome by NSCI
12-Jan-24FridayJaipur Pink PanthersTelugu TitansJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
Puneri PaltanGujarat GiantsJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
13-Jan-24SaturdayJaipur Pink PanthersPuneri PaltanJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
U.P. YoddhasBengal WarriorsJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
14-Jan-24SundayHaryana SteelersTamil ThalaivasJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
Dabang Delhi K.C.Patna PiratesJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
15-Jan-24MondayBengal WarriorsBengaluru BullsJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
Jaipur Pink PanthersU MumbaJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
16-Jan-24TuesdayPatna PiratesTamil ThalaivasJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
(Single Header)Jaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
17-Jan-24WednesdayDabang Delhi K.C.Gujarat GiantsJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
Jaipur Pink PanthersHaryana SteelersJaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
18-Jan-24Thursday(Rest Day)Jaipur (SMS Indoor Stadium)
19-Jan-24FridayPatna PiratesU.P. YoddhasHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
Telugu TitansBengaluru BullsHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
20-Jan-24SaturdayDabang Delhi K.C.U MumbaHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
Telugu TitansU.P. YoddhasHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
21-Jan-24SundayGujarat GiantsPuneri PaltanHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
Bengaluru BullsTamil ThalaivasHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
22-Jan-24MondayJaipur Pink PanthersBengal WarriorsHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
Telugu TitansHaryana SteelersHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
23-Jan-24TuesdayU MumbaPuneri PaltanHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
(Single Header)Hyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
24-Jan-24WednesdayHaryana SteelersDabang Delhi K.C.Hyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
Telugu TitansTamil ThalaivasHyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
25-Jan-24Thursday(Rest Day)Hyderabad (Gachibowli Indoor Stadium)
26-Jan-24FridayPatna PiratesBengal WarriorsPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
U MumbaGujarat GiantsPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
27-Jan-24SaturdayPatna PiratesPuneri PaltanPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
Dabang Delhi K.C.U.P. YoddhasPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
28-Jan-24SundayTamil ThalaivasU MumbaPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
Jaipur Pink PanthersBengaluru BullsPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
29-Jan-24MondayHaryana SteelersBengal WarriorsPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
Patna PiratesGujarat GiantsPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
30-Jan-24TuesdayPuneri PaltanTelugu TitansPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
(Single Header)Patna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
31-Jan-24WednesdayJaipur Pink PanthersTamil ThalaivasPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
Patna PiratesBengaluru BullsPatna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
01-Feb-24Thursday(Rest Day)Patna (Patliputra Indoor Stadium)
2-Feb-24FridayDabang Delhi K.C.Bengal WarriorsDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
Gujarat GiantsHaryana SteelersDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
03-Feb-24SaturdayU.P. YoddhasU MumbaDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
Dabang Delhi K.C.Telugu TitansDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
04-Feb-24SundayGujarat GiantsTamil ThalaivasDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
Bengaluru BullsU MumbaDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
05-Feb-24MondayJaipur Pink PanthersPatna PiratesDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
Dabang Delhi K.C.Puneri PaltanDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
06-Feb-24TuesdayTamil ThalaivasU.P. YoddhasDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
(Single Header)Delhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
07-Feb-24WednesdayBengaluru BullsPuneri PaltanDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
Dabang Delhi K.C.Jaipur Pink PanthersDelhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
08-Feb-24Thursday(Rest Day)Delhi (Thyagaraj Sports Complex)
09-Feb-24FridayBengal WarriorsGujarat GiantsKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
Haryana SteelersU.P. YoddhasKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
10-Feb-24SaturdayPatna PiratesU MumbaKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
Bengal WarriorsTelugu TitansKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
11-Feb-24SundayTamil ThalaivasPuneri PaltanKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
Bengaluru BullsGujarat GiantsKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
12-Feb-24MondayU.P. YoddhasJaipur Pink PanthersKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
Bengal WarriorsU MumbaKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
13-Feb-24TuesdayPatna PiratesTelugu TitansKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
(Single Header)Kolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
14-Feb-24WednesdayDabang Delhi K.C.Tamil ThalaivasKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
Bengal WarriorsPuneri PaltanKolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
15-Feb-24Thursday(Rest Day)Kolkata (Netaji Indoor Stadium)
16-Feb-24FridayHaryana SteelersPatna PiratesPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
Telugu TitansJaipur Pink PanthersPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
17-Feb-24SaturdayHaryana SteelersU MumbaPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
U.P. YoddhasGujarat GiantsPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
18-Feb-24SundayTamil ThalaivasBengal WarriorsPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
Dabang Delhi K.C.Bengaluru BullsPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
19-Feb-24MondayGujarat GiantsJaipur Pink PanthersPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
Haryana SteelersPuneri PaltanPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
20-Feb-24TuesdayU MumbaTelugu TitansPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
(Single Header)Panchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
21-Feb-24WednesdayPuneri PaltanU.P. YoddhasPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
Haryana SteelersBengaluru BullsPanchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium
22-Feb-24Thursday(Rest Day)Panchkula (Tau Devi Lal Indoor Stadium