By Utkarsh Piyush

Faiz Qureshi a well established producer and casting director is passionate about bollywood and the fashion industry, and has his well known achievements – MIG Dubai, OK Report, Mrs FameQueen ’20 to name a few – show the same. But another thing he is just as passionate about yet keeps private is Gymming and Fitness.

Since his school days, Qureshi felt drawn towards the world of fitness and even in the present, Faiz Qureshi still makes time to hit the gym; he balances his Film-and-Fashion circle with his Fitness circle. The school day hobby of fitness is fuelled further by his childhood friends, many of whom are national and international bodybuilders now.


He is very close to Kunwar Vishwajeet Singh, Ajju Qureshi, Shoaib Gayas, Shabaz Qureshi, all of whom have earned national acclaim in bodybuilding.

The environment of Fitness Encouragement that faiz has fostered extends beyond his dear childhood friends. He always makes an effort to spread the message of maintaining one’s health and importance of the gym to his employees, to the models and the actors that he promotes. The newcomers, that he is known to give chances to benefit greatly from following his tips on health and diet plans.

The Film industry as well the Fashion Industry have been severely hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic. But neither of them are as hard hit as the Fitness Industry. Gyms are closed in an effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, and while people are still continuing their workouts at home, it is not as good as the gym. Gyms were an essential part of a bodybuilder’s day and their fitness’ upkeep which has sadly been removed from their day. Faiz Qureshi and his friends are hoping for a swift end to the pandemic so all these difficulties caused by it can also come to an end.

Though downhearted by the shut doors of the gym, Faiz Qureshi didn’t get disheartened, through yoga and home exercises he has managed to retain his Fitness as well as shed 15 kilograms.

Reddwings Production, Faiz Qureshi’s company, is a master at organising Fashion shows and beauty contests; recently he through his company sponsored a one-of-a-kind contest named “THE SHOW”.

THE SHOW was amalgamation of international concepts, fashion and fitness and is the country’s premier show of the kind. Double a dozen – 24 – celebrities took part in the show. THE SHOW soared towards swift popularity and was a hit with its audience. It is set to return with a second season in 2021.

Faiz Qureshi believes strongly in the show, and says, “THE SHOW provides a well-deserved platform to fitness models. It also opens up an important conversation around physical fitness – it creates awareness as well as gives out good advice to the audience.”

For the 2021 installment of the show fitness models from all over the world will participate. Aesthetic Body founder Farhan khan organised THE SHOW & Faiz Qureshi (Reddwings Production) will be a co-organiser and Mumbai will be the venue.

Source: Latesttales