The Vikings Radio team celebrates the game-winning field goal, then realizes it missed

Some teams have completed the art of heartbreaking losses, such as the Minnesota Vikings, and their radio team received / delivered another reminder on Sunday.

In the final seconds of the thriller against the Riz Rizona Cardinals, Vikings kicker Greg Joseph attempted a 37-yard field goal that would have allowed his team to win the game. The Vikings have only eight-play, 58-yard drives that should be a possible field goal distance.

Joseph missed very right, but a member of the Vikings radio team thought otherwise. Unless he’s hit a serious dash of reality:

As heartbreaking as it sounds, just imagine the Vikings fans listening at home and in their cars who for a moment felt like their team had won big. The Vikings are now 0-2, and most NFL fans can tell you that some 0-2 teams in modern NFL history have reached the playoffs.