Chelsea’s (forced) sale was officially completed yesterday after a nearly three-month process, with all parties confirming everything that needs to be confirmed, and everything that needs to be signed. Said … and of course, all permissions must be obtained.

Although he had already put the club up for sale to protect us from collateral damage due to Vladimir Putin’s attack, the latter became a little more complicated as the UK government got itself involved in the process by approving Abramovich and Chelsea in early March. Ukraine forgave all debts of the club and declared its intention to donate the net income to the newly established war aid charity, taking none of it for itself.

All of this is still happening, of course, but now the UK government is taking control, as well. Good job, politician. Peace in our time! What are we going to do without you?

However, what has been done has been done, and thankfully, after the sale is completed, the restrictions have indeed been lifted, a government spokesman also confirmed yesterday. So yes, Megastore is back online – even if you’re shopping, I’d suggest buying Trivago instead of Three UK on it.

I dare say we would have done the exact same thing without any political interference – right, Mike Penrose? – But maybe I’ve just done a sportswash.

Anyway, here is the next major chapter in our football life. Let it be equally successful, dramatic, entertaining, exciting, historical for the last 19 years.

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