The Max Scherzer trade to the Dodgers is one of the biggest deadline deals ever

MLB trade deadlines are always an exciting time of year. Although most asons don’t provide the same, game-changing movements you see in 2021, there are usually at least one or two moves that really move things. This year, the most influential trade was the acquisition of Max Scherzer by the Dodgers from the Washington Citizens. In nine starts for the Dodgers, Sherzer has recorded seven wins, a 0.78 ERA and a .655 WHIP in 58 innings. You can also call it the Super Bowl 47, because the lights are off. While Sherzer is fantastic, there have been dozens of other remarkably effective deals to get past MLB trade deadlines in the past.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the biggest deadline trades I can think of. It’s clear I’m going to miss something here and there, I had a few things to consider.

1) Whether the team retained the player. While always being appreciated for being a great player for any time, I put more value on a trade that leads to several years of production rather than just half a season.

2) Team success. Normally, when a team buys someone on a trading term, they try to get their team on the hump. If a team is fighting for a playoff berth, this acquisition does not bother them to go to the playoffs. If a team is a World Series competitor, this player must help them win or at least appear in the World Series. I know there’s a lot of response to this because of how fickle baseball is, but that’s fine.

3) What did that team leave for that player? I love Doyle Alexander, and his 1987 season was for Yuga, but the Tigers had to release John Smoltz to get him … Now, who won the trade?

With that, let’s see how Sherzar stands.