Yanks won for the 10th time in a row as Torres stung Toronto

When the Yankees arrived at Rogers Center on Monday, their chests weren’t throbbing, they had the Major’s longest winning streak in their back pocket. The Blue Jays are a very challenging, battle for the top spot in the American League East that continues throughout the season. But they should be a little more relaxed now. […]


Raptors open up greatest victory of the period in 130-77 destruction of Warriors

There are blowouts, and afterward there’s whatever the Toronto Raptors just did to the Golden State Warriors. In 48 of the most unbalanced minutes in NBA history, the Raptors crushed the Warriors 130-77. The last score doesn’t do the Raptors equity. Through one quarter, Toronto drove by just one. After three? They drove by 53. […]