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Rapper Real Smokesta Admits Skipping Music During Football Season, But Why?

For many years professional football much like basketball and baseball is a sport that people from all over the world come together to watch and cheer for their favorite teams. The sport of football for some is just a hobby but true football fans see the sport as their peace, their time with fellow game […]


Up and Coming Jr. Michael and his five tactics on producing a film

If you haven’t heard of him, Jr.Michael is an incredible actor with exceptional acting abilities. Queens, New York, is where he was born and raised. Actor, writer, and producer of the BS collection, and director are all part of the great artist. In high school and college, Jr.Michael took part in acting performances because he […]


Kane Bailey talks about hit song “Hollywood”

Hollywood is a track where Kane Bailey talks about people claiming he changed ever since he started rapping. Despite Kane remaining the same he feels people will always talk down on his name regardless. “Don’t tell me I’m different now, you got me trippin now” Kane incorporates in his verse. We asked him what the […]