Sneaker Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz Shares Qualities with Business Prodigy Elon Musk

Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees kickz from Canada, is on the path to achieving more success as he possesses some great traits, just like Musk.

As more and more time passes by, we get to know about many of the best and the brilliant most people, especially from the new generation who are giving in their best in sculpting the career as they desire. They are determined to rise above all the struggles they face in their careers and do not believe in taking no for an answer. Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees kickz, is one such teenager and millionaire entrepreneur from Canada, who believes in giving it all to his brand called ‘Woiair’, as a sneaker reseller and entrepreneur and turns each day more fruitful and successful with his efforts and strategies to grow his business manifold in the coming years. 

People might wonder what those traits that world-renowned entrepreneurs like Elon Musk must be possessing are and how they become unique from others in the world? Interestingly, Idrees kickz is one such young entrepreneur who exhibits the same traits like Musk and hence, has all the potential to become the future leader like him.

  • A wider perspective and vision: All those professionals and entrepreneurs who have had the honour to work along with Musk and his companies know for a fact that this billion-dollar entrepreneur has been working with a wider perspective and vision so that others too believe in his visions. Idrees kickz has been walking the same path; his broad mindset and visions have the power to make others believe in him and his visions.
  • Adaptability: To become a market leader, a professional must also possess the quality of being adaptive to the changing trends of the industry, just like Elon Musk has been over the years. Idrees kickz has always shown innate skills of being adaptive to the ever-evolving e-commerce space and offers authentic sneakers of well-known brands of the world that stay in style for the longest time.
  • Having strong opinions: Elon Musk has been an illustrious business personality also because of his strong opinions in business, which has, in many ways, also created waves in the entrepreneurial world. Just like him, Idrees kickz is known as a 19-year-old sneaker entrepreneur who believes in his ideas and hard work and helps his business create accurate and correct solutions to problems that may arise along the way.

Idrees kickz has always believed his and Musk’s life story has been similar, where both of them have worked day and night to reach where they are today. They haven’t missed out on a single opportunity for learning something new even after achieving so much in their career. To keep getting more insights about Idrees kickz, do not forget to connect with him on YouTube/TikTok/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @idreeskickz.