Sixers star Ben Simmons dominates crime in the open gym: Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons is an all-star for a reason. That boy does brilliant plays based on the night. He makes a big impact on the floor without scoring and he is a high-brow defender.

However, the obvious weakness in his game is the lack of his offensive product. In a half-court offense, he becomes ineffective when opposing teams keep him out of the ring, and he won’t punish defensive tactics by taking a jump shot.

At this point, Simmons has asked the organization for a trade, and it’s time to find the best trade for the Sixers. The 25-year-old, three-time All-Star, has been working on his game and Friday was no exception.

His coach, Chris Johnson, posted another open gym run by Simmons as he was splashing 3s and knocking down hard jumpers. He showed parts of his game that didn’t appear in the Sixers game and they were impressive.

This is Simmons’ most frustrating problem. It’s clear he could hit shots like this but he refused to take any of these scenes into the game.

If he ever pulls this out in a game, he will take the next step towards becoming a highbrow player and the Sixers will not want to trade with him.

Alas, he refused to do so and it turned out to be a confusing situation in Philadelphia.

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