Simone Etere is a 23 year old Italian boy, born in Sansepolcro on May 17, 1997 from southern parents, but living in Fighile (IT). He loves sports and keeping fit, which is why he is primarily a Calisthenics Artist/Athlete Influencer and Personal Trainer. He is a boy with great values ​​and is very determined at times even stubborn, but when he has a goal he puts all of himself to achieve it. She loves exploring new places, venturing into different cultures and bringing emotions to her fans with her unique shots.
She has green eyes, brown hair, her favorite color is white, in fact she wears it more than other colors.

For him, an Influencer must first of all be a real person, he must demonstrate the same person he is in reality. An Influencer is a person who advertises and collaborates with companies of various kinds, not only to do business but to really advise their fans if a product is valid or not. It must convey a positive message.

First of all he is an Influencer who advertises sports and general fashion companies, but not only, because in recent years he has entered the travel branch where he is called to promote hotels/resorts around the globe, with epic high quality shots.

The influencer has now become an icon for many, has over a million followers on Instagram and boasts numerous international collaborations, for many it is a distant dream to reach a million followers. For the influencer, artist and athletic trainer Simone Etere, this is his moment of glory after a long period of sacrifice.

A great athlete who therefore manages to make sport coexist with the web, a new way to stay in shape by becoming a model for many.



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